Thursday, September 10, 2009

Does Mary Lazich Even Read the "Reports" She Cites in Her Blogs?

Of course not.

In the latest example of her brazen disregard of facts, "Mary Lazich" cites a "report" advocating the repeal of the estate tax. Here's he describes the report's authors:
Holtz-Eakin estimates that Wisconsin would lose 10,996 jobs if Congress does not eliminate the death tax during 2010. Julaine Appling, the CEO of Wisconsin Family Council that also worked on the study compares that to losing General Motors in Janesville three times over.
Got that? Douglas Hotlz-Eakin -- noted former Congressional Budget Office Director, Economist, and McCain campaign adviser/spokesman -- teamed up with Julaine Appling -- carpetbagging, homophobic hack -- to work on a report calling for the repeal of the estate tax.

Does that sound like it ever happened?

Well, of course it didn't. The "report" that "Lazich" cites is actually a review of two papers, one of which was authored by Holtz-Eakin. It's the Cliff's Notes version of the actual report(s) -- one put out by the Family Research Council, the parent organization of Appling's freak show. Appling had nothing to do with the report.

I'm guessing that "Lazich" didn't even bother to read the review of the report and instead just cribbed a few talking points from a press release Appling sent out along with a link to the review.
Here's how she ends the post:
You can read the full study, “Repealing Death Tax Will Create Jobs and Boost Economy,” here.
You'll note that the link doesn't go to the "full study," just the "review" of the study.

Maybe she can't tell the difference?

Seriously, like Appling would be working with Douglas Holtz-Eakin on an academic economics paper? And I did a weekend of duets with Sinatra at the Sands back in the '60s...

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