Friday, January 9, 2009

Ted Kanavas: "Fuck You"

Kilkenny deserves some credit for pointing this monstrosity of a web site out. Go to her for the story. Then come back for the screen shots!

This is the single most insulting use of a web site I've seen from a public official in Wisconsin ever. It makes the the "Minneapolis" error on the GAB web site look comparatively quaint. It's atrocious, plain and simple.

If you haven't gotten the details from Kilkenny by now, well here they are: When someone goes to State Sen. Ted Kanavas' private web site the user must go through a series of prompts before getting to the actual home page. This is the internet equivalent of asking for directions from some dipshit at a Renaissance fair who will only help if you "first answer these riddles three."

Here are the riddles four Kanavas drops on his users. Notice how there is absolutely no middle ground between the options:



Got that? In case you didn't pick up on what the secret handshake is to get into this exclusive club, the "correct" answer to each of these questions is B. If you "correctly" answer B to each of these questions, you win the honor of entering the web site of The Kanavas. But, if you slip up and maybe think Wisconsin has a, perhaps, better than "horrible" business climate and maybe answer A to that question (or any of the four) than you are immediately answered with this screen:

No. Fucking. Joke.

Brainwashed? That's simply phenomenal ... and the fact that the site immediately leads you to the state web site is an even better touch. Kanavas is essentially saying that if you don't agree with me, I don't even want to bother with you.

It's obviously amateur hour over at Kanavas HQ. I'd suggest firing the dick who suggested Kanavas go this route, but at the end of the day it was the Senator himself who signed off on this bullshit. It's a huge "fuck you" to users of the site and says a lot about the person for whom the site is made.

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