Monday, January 5, 2009

Principled Stands

This is not exactly what I would consider someone going to great lengths to protest a grave injustice:

The Drudge Report reports that NBC, at the last minute, pulled Ann Coulter from her scheduled appearance on tomorrow’s “Today” show in favor of Perez Hilton (he of the $1,000-to-pie-Coulter offer) and banned her “for life” from the NBC family of networks. In response, I am banning all future positive or neutral references to NBC, CNBC, MSNBC (both the website and the channel), The Weather Channel, USA, Sci-Fi, Bravo, Telemundo or any other entity NBC is involved with. They can choke on The Championship Game That Cannot Be Named™ and the Olympics. In short, FUCK THEM!

You go, Steve! Way to give them a piece of your mind! Not watching NBC ever again was apparently to much of a sacrifice (Whatever would he do without "the Biggest Loser" and "Deal or No Deal"?) and writing letters to sponsors who buy advertising is too time consuming, so Steve did the least he could do -- no, really, the absolute least he could possibly do: not say anything nice about Vivendi Universal television channels ever again on a blog that no one in the TV business reads.

Fight the power, Steve. Fight the power.


steveegg said...

I'm not a Nielsen "family", so saying I'm withholding my viewing is not an option (even though I'll do that, even for the NFL, CNBC and TWC, which were the only NBC Universal products I watched).

grumps said...

Golly he must really feel like an ass now that NBC pulled that nasty trick of putting Coulter on the air on Wednesday, just like they said they would on Monday.

If only there was some way he could make it up to himself and to us. Maybe he could show contrition by watching and reviewing Countdown every night for the rest of the year or something.