Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kevin Fischer Math! (or, The Incredible Increasing Price Tag!)

Elementary arithmatic is clearly not Fischer's strong suit.

Remember this Golden Oldie:
Good for the Attorney General who informed mega liberals Miller and Pocan the cost of his lawsuit was $155.
That's right it, only cost tax-payers $155 to guarantee we have clean elections in Wisconsin!

Except the actual cost is now $720. And that's if you're using Kevin Fischer Math, which, as we noted earlier, is tens of thousands of dollars off the mark.

Whatever voodoo accounting measures DOJ is using to make this case look negligently inexpensive will eventually come to light and the "cost" will eventually rise incrementally through a series of Friday afternoon press releases or just balloon all at once (in a Friday afternoon press release) ... until then, the actual cost of the lawsuit to tax-payers is $43,000+ $50,000. This figure includes the legal cost to the GAB, which is also a tax-payer funded government entity that Van Hollen sued. That costs money too, and there's no way of getting around that without flat out misrepresenting the facts.

MORE: The price tag for the GAB is now over $50,000:

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