Saturday, December 6, 2008

Welcome Back, General

I think this might be the most inspired cabinet nomination yet.


Just a reminder:
There were a few empty chairs at General Eric Shinseki's June 2003 retirement ceremony. U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld didn't make it to the event, which honored Shinseki's 4 years as U.S. Army chief of staff and 38-year military career. Neither did Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, nor any of Rumsfeld's other close associates. For a four-star general concluding a brilliant career, it was a major breach of protocol.
Hit the link up for the reason why -- in case you've forgotten.

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Bob W. said...

I have no doubt that Gen(R) Shinseki will do a bang-up job as Veterans Affairs Secretary.

But General Shinseki, while seemingly prescient on the amount of troops required for Iraq, was also on the wrong side of many critical decisions that affected the readiness and capability of the army as well.
The typical narrative normally fails to examine his record beyond the one day of testimony before Congress in February 2003; he was Chief of Staff of the Army for four years, after all. . .