Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why Has the Right Side of the Cheddarsphere Been So Flaccid Lately?

Really, what's up guys?

I realize that losing elections tends to take a little pep out of one's stride, but in the last four weeks the usual suspects on the Right have been downright anemic. I'm willing to blame some of this on the hectic nature of the holiday season, but I've seen more confidence in pets that have been abused by previous owners than I have from the conservative Cheddarsphere these days.

Here's just a few examples of how bad it's gotten. Bare in mind that these are just from the last 24 hours. Symptoms include:

1.) Utterly Inappropriate Comments

From The Right View Wisconsin:
Actually, Zach, you're correct, I am implying Michelle Obama is a c*nt.
I have no idea what this is in reference to, since the author didn't see it helpful to link to anything, but there's no place for this. Period.

2.) Ridiculous Displays of Misspent Nostalgia

From Stepping Right Up:
I was reading an interesting article this morning on WSJ from Daniel Henninger titled "America needs its Frontier Spirit" and it got me to thinking about Joe the Plumber.
No, seriously. Usually when I think about the American frontier I think about the lack of indoor plumbing, but whatever -- it only gets better:
Clearly the Joe the Plumber spirit of wanting to carve out your own destiny has taken a hit. Joe the Plumber wanting nothing more out of life than to carve out his own destiny and embrace the American dream.
The "Joe the Plumber Spirit"? Are we to now refer to the "Frontier Spirit" from here on in as the Joe the Plumber Spirit? It really doesn't have the same ring to it ... But if conflating a substantial part of the American mythos with a poor marketing gimmick (that failed big time) gets you through the day, then to each his own.

The there's this bizarre line:
Joe the Plumber's spirit of individuality, determination and hard work will rise again. I believe it, just like Ronald Reagan believed it.
Carpenter's getting awfully close to equating Ronald Reagan with Joe the Plumber here ... when that happens, you can kiss the GOP good bye.

3.) Flogging Dead Horses

Both Freedom Eden and Right From the Right have posts on the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate. Eden says the citizenship issue "the topic isn't too wacko to discuss at this point," because -- and get this! -- because major news outlets like PRAVDA are looking in to it.

Let me just say that again and let it sink in: PRAVDA ... which actually has less credibility now as a Russian supermarket tabloid than it did when it was the official newspaper of the Communist Party.

Then Eden makes this asinine demand:
Officials should bring the damn thing out of that locked state vault in Hawaii. It would be so easy.
They have. Here are the pictures. Please do a little research before making batshit insane accusations.

Same applies to you, Mr. Game.

4.) Taking up the "It's not our fault -- the voters are just retarded!" Banner

Really, Egg? You too, Mary?

If anyone thinks John Zeigler is going to lead conservatism out of the wilderness, let me suggest packing for a very long trip.

5.) A Literal Lack of Imagination (or an Abuse of Cliches)

From the Badger Blogger:
You can’t make this stuff up.
From Peter "the Hitman" DiGaudio:
Folks, you just cannot make stuff like this up.
From Janet Evens:
Another one of those "I couldn't make this up if I tried, " real-life political stories...
These are three complete different stories, by the way -- all to mind-blowing to be believed, apparently.

6.) Silence

The interesting (and responsible) conservative bloggers seem to have taken something of a break lately, while the shrill voices seem to have picked up their slack. That's not healthy. It doesn't enhance debate and it diminishes the brand. I'm not saying there should be an effort to silence the crazier elements of conservatism, but an attempt should be made to keep them from filling the void of quality commentary.


7.) Missing the Point Entirely


Mary said...

Hey, Jb, if you're going to cite what I write, get it right.

You know, "quality commentary" demands more than just "making batshit insane accusations."

I didn't call Pravda a "major news outlet."

Here is what I wrote:

"This is my first post about Barack Obama's birth certificate. I haven't touched this story until now.

"I figure since the Supreme Court will be examining the case of Obama's birth certificate, the topic isn't too wacko to discuss at this point."

"...There is a band of people who simply refuse to let the Obama birth certificate matter drop.

"The Supreme Court isn't going to take up the case of Obama's citizenship, but I doubt that will satisfy the believers that Obama is hiding something.

"WorldNetDaily reports that Obama's citizenship status is no longer just a topic of Internet chatter. It's beginning to be addressed by some media outlets.

"Pravda has been particularly aggressive in its coverage."

You really mischaracterize what I wrote. I hope your readers take a look at my post so they can see how wrong you are.

How did you get it so wrong? Why so shrill? What's the problem? Is it the hectic nature of the holiday season?

Regarding the doubts that some have about Obama's birth certificate, perhaps the original document should be examined and photographed by someone with a bit more authority than staffers to quell those concerns. Granting access to a completely disinterested party maybe would be more convincing to the doubters. Maybe not.

CJ said...

The effects of listenig to Rush Limbaugh and Art Bell...

Janet Evans said...

Hey, Chief,

You spelled my name incorrectly.

But, I "heart" your blog.