Sunday, December 28, 2008

While Everyone's Slagging on Mary Lazich's Receptionist...

There are a few bloggers from Franklin who are taking a few well-deserved shots at political lackey, wannabe media mogul and epic dipshit Kevin Fischer today, so I thought I'd join in the fun.

I've never been to Franklin, WI. I've never had any reason to go. I don't know anyone who lives there. In fact, I've never met anyone from Franklin. In my mind, Franklin is just a really big chunk of real estate with a stately name.

Really, the only way I know much of anything about the city of Franklin is via Fischer's tedious wankfest, This Just In... and my impression of the city has suffered greatly as a conquence. One thing I've noticed that happens among local bloggers is that their discussions quickly become insular and how their conversations appear to outsiders rarely becomes a consideration. Since I'm an outsider to the Franklin blogosphere, I'm going to interject a small thought from a foreign perspective.

Fischer is quite probably the single worst municipal ambassador in the state of Wisconsin. I'm consistantly baffled at how such pompous and arrogant dick can be hired to participate in the making of laws, a process that by necessity requires a certain degree of comprimise which Fischer day in, day out, demonstrates he has no capacity for. This is why I can only assume that he serves as a receptionist in his boss's office. I just can't picture any one in another office -- Democratic or Republican -- wanting to work with a guy's who's every action seems to be the equivilant of leaping from one's chair and yelling, "Look at me, everybody! I'm retarded!"

He's an embaressment to his employer. He's an embaressment to his employer's office. He's an embaressment to Wisconsin. But above all, he's an embaressment to the city of Franklin. I'm sure the people of Franklin take him with the proverbial grain of salt, but for someone like me, who doesn't know any better, his showboating baffoonery reflects poorly on Franklin and drains from the city any sympathy I might otherwise have for it.

I wasn't aware of his appalling behaviour earlier this year, but it doesn't surprise me. In fact, I'm fully expecting future displays of douchebaggery from this asshat.


capper said...

I have two issues with your observations:

1) I am not from Franklin. I've worked there for a spell, but I do not care to live there. It is a rural patch trying to be pretentious.

2) As a social worker who works every day with the developmentally delayed, I do not appreciate the comment regarding "Look at me! I'm retarded!" That was in poor taste.

The first is a minor issue, but the second is more bothersome, would you be kind enough to make the adjustments.

Thank you.

Cindy Kilkenny said...

Chief, I wish I knew how to quit you. Still, I find myself back and chuckling more frequently than expected.

Bryan said...

Chief - I have lived in both Oshkosh and am currently living in Franklin. As a UW-Zero graduate, I have recently gone back to visit the campus. I must say, the state has let the campus turn into a festering pimple. The older buildings have fallen into disrepair and the State has gone on to build new ones.

I drove past the house I rented back in the 70's on Scott St. and it still looks like it is ready to fall over with a good wind.

I may be paying outrageous taxes here in Franklin but after seeing what the City of Oshkosh has let the downtown and the mall turn into. For my money, I will stay in Franklin until I retire.

Then it is time to exit the State of Wisconsin.