Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Perhaps Some Good Shall Come from this Vampire Trend After All

I'm sure I'll get around to seeing Twilight sometime in the future, but I can't imagine it being any better than this flick:

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Anonymous said...

hey Chief - Stew here

oooh I am so mad
*stamps little feet*

first - i went "back in time" here to make a comment that only you will see (possibly depending on how your comment notifications are set up) you could set up an email like or something. But they went back to invitations for new accounts OR they want a phone number, which I refuse to give them, but right now the only way to make a new account and NOT give them a number is to have an existing GMail account "invite" you. So telling Google yer phone is bogus, if you need any extra GMails don't wait, get 'em now before they tighten things up further. They just want maximum data on everyone for marketing bullshit. grrr.

second- Lol at this post? Not sure what that movie would have been like, oh let me guess - horny and bloody. But, There was time period I was off blogs for a long time, so missed a lot. and Lol @ the whole Twilight thing huh? Lots of "culture wars" over that on some social sites. Gets pretty rough. Like people actually stop talking to you depending on which "side" your on, or if you don't even show enough hate to the "wrong" side. Lost a 'friend" for not being committed enough to the proper side O_o Humans are bizarre.

third -okay so I started a blog, I'm not super-committed to it as any kind of "addition to the discussion" as if most of the "discussion' is a meaningless boys club for older guys zzzz, But I guess Teh Bloggy is more like just sumthin' to do while reading online,and a personal collection of things I see that strike me as important or bizarre or maybe I wanna rant a bit. But not really a "journal". Just junk I guess. No one is gonna read this . BUt lol YOU should look at it once in a while. hmm mostly cuz I think you owe me for all my AMAZING loyalty and also I think I can offer you stuff no other blogger can up-coming post on....

SKELETON PORN (and don't go searching on that now)

lastly, and why I'm P.O.ed
anyway, a ton of these other WI bloggers are assholes. or as my granny used to say "dead from the asshole up". Asshole on legs then I guess, but she was unique Lol.
So ya - That Blogging Blue kid seems like he maybe is okay...but it's a few and far-between situation when it comes to intelligence, wit, and a delightful Je ne se quois. And a rich full harvest though if you're looking for cliquish, snotty, dull-witted WI lunkheads. Male bloggers are really like - bitchy. It's weird but like so many fem-fest bitchy Divas online. Maybe they all blog in bra and panties, I dunno, but ew. Dey nasty.

Well Happy Father's Day if you are one, or have one. And thanks fer not bein' an ASSHOLE. and you know... don't turn into one okay? Kinda goes without saying.:D

and Chief --> Lesbian Vampire Killers..omg õ_Ô

p.s. i figure u won't answer this at all(if u even c it) cuz, you know...yer a bit of a tool XD

but no prob, that's okay.