Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scott Walker Really does Think You're that Stupid

Either that or he thinks everyone in Wisconsin is blind. Behold, Scott Walker's jobs plan in all of it's glory:

Scott Walker 68 Page Jobs Plan


Anonymous said...

When I first saw this I thought it was some kind of joke, like someone had hacked his site or something. It's so so dumb I'm still having a hard time processing this. The entire family was in awe (and not the good kind of awe)

BTW, Joe the Plumber is coming to your area - pretty sure you'd wanna rush right over and party with him.
@ Jones park in Appleton
3:45 Wed Sept 22

on a big-ass bus with 2 Who-the-Hell-cares individuals
Krista Branch of American Idol and Bob Long some football player

Hard to believe anyone still gives a shit about Joe the Non-Plumber, even harder to believe he's worth spending shekels on a big-ass bus and piles of petrol for a bunch of week-day visits O_O

over and out

Anonymous said...

and I think we should all start posting with really large fonts.

Ordinary Jill said...

It's becoming very clear why Scott Walker never managed to graduate from college. Can you imagine turning in a 100-page paper filled with such huge type and so much white space?

Anonymous said...

Screw that college thing. That's no determinant of IQ. If you doubt that, hang out on any campus and observe a while - students, faculty, admins, no real evidence of rampant superiority that I can see.
If "liberals" want to be concerned with issues related to education they can think a little more about what RoJo has said in that regards - beyond the reflexive screaming about racism. He has said a few truly alarming things about Public Education.
On the surface he seems to be saying what I just said, speaking out against elitist snobbery, but I don't think that's how he means it. He seems to be advocating institutionalized snobbery i.e. tracking very young children, creating educational and economic caste systems in opposition to the entire point of Public Education in America.
THAT should be upsetting people who are concerned about "education".

The college diploma stuff re: Walker is rooted in elitism, it's creepy. Elitism is the Dem stereotype anyway, they shouldn't be pumping that up, it sounds bad and plays right into the Uni-haters rhetoric. Just bad on all levels.

In addition, I've personally faced "you don't have a college diploma" condescension all my life. People can jack that attitude. And it doesn't make me feel like going out and getting a diploma just to prove I'm somehow "worthy".
Snott Walker sucks, but for numerous other reasons than he dropped out of college. Many of the people he will be representing will not have college either. If he wasn't such a slime-dog he could play up the Self-Made Man image, or a Man of the People image.

stew said...

did you delete a post? anyways -
witches are an actual religion, much more common than you'd think

that stuff about "grown-ups" etc etc could get you inna lotta trouble. maybe you realized that

I know a (male) witch now and have known others in the past. None of them have gotten into blood or but... they would take real strong exception to your phrasing I'm sure.
Satanism is a derivative of Christianity, "witches" are aligned (often) with Druidism which is QUITE unlike Satanism. Spells are not that uncommon either. You will get into an un-ending debate over your claim that these things "have no effect on the physical world" etc.
Pagans are everywhere. They're just quiet. not ostentatious types. IMO

stew said...

None of them have gotten into blood or SATANISM but..

that was what I meant to type.

stew said...

Delete my comments if U like.
At first I actually thought my Reader was malfunctioning - the damn thing annoys me daily.

Jb said...

Yup. I hit "publish" on accident when I was trying to push "save." The post wasn't finished yet and I'm not sure it was ever going to get finished.

Anonymous said...

This has to be a joke

CJ said...

I want to know how much his campaign paid for that crap and what firm put it together for him.

Or- maybe is was one of his kids school projects.

CJ said...

Guess who made Salon?

St. Stewie the Salacious said...

Christ on a Crutch!!!!

Chief actually answered me.
Get your affairs in order people.
.....another sign o' the End Times O.O

p.s. this is interesting -
for quite some time now I thought "salacious" meant "gossipy". shit
I just looked it up.
and BTW you should ban that "Annie K." off your page.
She talks too damn much and we all hate her.

The Church Lady said...

No one feels like putting up $20,000 to spring Kent Monte. Interesting.
As nasty stories go, this one keeps getting nastier.

The way I recall Monte was as a very judgmental in-your-face Holier Than Thou, "I know the rules and you don't" type of guy.
Hopefully there's a Gideon Bible in that jail cell marked at Matthew 7