Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 out of 10 Misanthropic Shut-ins Endorse my Candidacy!

Rebecca Kleefisch's campaign issued a press release touting endorsements from various state bloggers, including the proprietor of The Underground Conservative, Peter DiGaudio.

DiGaudio, as you may recall, threw one of the Cheddarsphere's epic temper tantrums on election night '08 over in the comments section at Boots and Sabres. Some of the highlights included repeated denunciations of his American citizenship as well as his desire to assassinate then President-elect Obama. He even added this astonishing claim:
I don’t hope for [Obama's] success. In fact, I seriously hope this country gets attacked by terrorists over and over again and every possible bad thing that can happen does happen ... to people like you.
His behavior was so over the top that Team Robinson told him to toss off.

And toss off DiGauido did, retreating back to his own blog, the now defunct Texas Hold'em Blogger, where he continued to take a shit with his clothes on, posting an upside down American flag with assorted other rantings before finally deleting the entire blog and starting a new one.

DiGaudio walked back some of his statements, but it wasn't the first time he's gone off the deep end, which begs the meta-question: is bragging about bloggers' endorsements wise? Or better yet: what does hyping bloggers' endorsements tell us about the candidate?

Sure, I guess, but endorsements are only as valuable as the credibility of the endorser. In this case, I find it hard to understand why anyone would want to be associated with someone whose sole claim to notoriety is a proclivity for cataclysmic melt downs.

Kleefisch is being backed by a number of people who occasionally have interesting things to say and appear to be influential in certain circles, but DiGaudio's inclusion into that mix diminishes everyone.

Then there's the small matter of a blog called "The Right Choice" -- which consists of exactly ten posts and hasn't been updated since May. That really only barely qualifies as a blog and certainly isn't anything to brag about. God only knows what that's all about.

By the way, Brett Davis appears to be carpet bombing Oshkosh cable TV with ads this weekend.


CJ said...

Any word on the race for 54th District State Assembly?

Haven't heard much from Hintz or Krause.

CJ said...

Will we have a live chat for the next council meeting?

Display Name said...

Check out his Twitter feed. In one, he said "@PolarCoug nawww ... Obama squats to pee. He's too effeminate to lift his leg / Now Michelle Antoinette? She lifts her leg."

He's no fan of many Republicans either "@EauPureEtClaire I am sick of GOP girlie men. Castrated, emasculated girlie men. @SarahPalinUSA has more cojones than McConnell ever will".

I think he needs to get out more and see the world. In another, he said "@BadgerBlogger what is kohlrabi? Last night @jwigderson was craving falafel ... not sure what that is either"

Stewie said...

Let us pause a moment in reverent and holy awe at the banana-fuckin' weirdness of that comment above.

Okay that may not have been long enough but in the interest of time, I'll move on.

oh yes! very nice post Liebling.

You're the top.
You're the Tower of Pisa,
You put the smile
on the Mona Lisa.

You're the top!
You're Mickey Mouse.
You in da House

Your words poetic are not pathetic.
Trust me babe, you shine.
And I always feel after every line
A thrill divine
run down Stew-y spine.

I'm a worthless check, a total wreck, a flop,
But if baby I'm the bottom, you're the top!

Okay take five kids.

Listen Chief
You better give CJ her goddam Chat. "The kids" are back in school now. You've played that one out about as far as it can go. :/

CJ said...

Stewie- You can put it on me but you want live chat too. No?

CJ said...

Just another reason not to tweet.