Monday, September 27, 2010

The Juiciest Paul Ryan Gossip You'll Probably Ever Read


I really don't know which paragraph to excerpt.


Grant said...

not unlike the Jonas Brothers discussing what they got each other for their birthdays

Tee hee. Can't buy the idea of a Ryan with even a modicum of actual earnestness or intellectual integrity, but a fun read nonetheless.

stewie said...

I was expecting him to be confessing his addiction to crank, and his love affair with a transsexual midget.
NOT stuff about the Wall Street Journal and Republican economic reports.

Stylin' Stewie said...

You'll have to give us an idea if the "print Exclusive" the ONW ran in RoJo really had any tidbits worth all that secrecy and "elusiveness" or if it was just more "portraiture of the "he's a trim and yet graying man of 54". etc etc
and Lol graying? the dude's hair is white innit? That's all I got out of the Non-exclusive edition -
soooo let me know if they pulled out al the stops on subsequent pages, and called him a Silver Fox or something,
BTW someone on the ONW is obsessed w/ mens appearances. That whole Hintz beard thing, that was odd O_o
But on a more positive note, I can maybe look forward to a nice word picture of what Kent Monte is wearing in court.
Will it be a bold statement in orange and shackles ? a nod to the 80s in a big-shouldered jumpsuit? or more traditional styling in black and white stripes....