Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ron Johnson is Basically Trying to Buy a Senate Seat

Here's the Ron Johnson Strategy for winning in November:

1.) Avoid the press as much as possible.

2.) Meet only with friendly audiences.

3.) Spend a shitload on TV (and, later, direct mail):

Johnson has spent $4 million on broadcast TV in the state compared to $1.4 million for Feingold, according to figures obtained from CMAG, a northern Virginia firm that tracks television advertising.

The numbers refer to ads aired this year in the state’s five TV markets: Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, La Crosse/Eau Claire and Wausau/Rhinelander. They do not include radio or cable television spots.

The spending gap grows a bit bigger (to more than 3-1) when you include the $300,000 spent on TV recently by American Action Network, a national conservative group that has run an ad attacking Feingold for voting for the stimulus plan.

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Anonymous said...

following sen Kohl's plan