Monday, June 13, 2011


The Journal-Sentinel's Patrick McIlheran is taking a job on Ron Johnson's staff -- one assumes as a speech/article-writer.

PaddyMac specializes in a lazy brand of commentary that amounts to little more than translating things he reads in national conservative opinion magazines like the National Review or the Weekly Standard into Wisconsinese with a condescending and snotty tone. Occasionally, he dabbles in the exception-proves-the-rule hysterics, but mostly he eschews original thought for ideological gate-keeping and being a dick.

Which is exactly what someone like Ron Johnson, who would be lost in this world without the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal to guide him, needs. Unspeakably awful op-eds have been a hallmark of Johnson's time in public life since his campaign last year, a problem indicative of poor communications across the board. There's really no way PaddyMac's addition can make this any worse.

Plus McIlheran now has to give up a good portion of his assholery.

Everyone wins.

This is a welcome development for nearly everyone in Wisconsin.

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