Thursday, June 2, 2011

You're Not Helping

This nonsense needs to end:
The disruption started just as the meeting began, with three men who oppose Gov. Scott Walker's plan to strip in-state tuition to UW System and state tech schools for children of undocumented immigrants commandeering the front of the room as the session was called to order.

The men refused to leave or stop reading their statements, and at least one was carried out by state troopers.

After that, the floodgates seemed to open, with protesters coming to the front of the room to berate the committee members. Assembly Co-chair Robin Vos, R-Rochester, tried to conduct the meeting over the disruption, putting an omnibus motion on the table on shared revenue. His voice could barely be heard among the din.
Whatever point these folks are trying to make is completely obscured by the open mic night amateur antics. Furthermore, these folks who would happily risk going to jail by committing a childish act of performance art usually do so for the sake saying they "fought the man," but are usually no where to be found when it comes to doing the heavy lifting of reaching out to voters and community organizing. It's selfish bullshit. If you'd like to make an ass of yourself, just throw a hat upside down on the State Street sidewalk and start your rambling: you might even make some tips.

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