Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Few Pre-Game Observations

Donald Driver looks about as focused as a human being can be for this game. For the last two weeks his megawatt smile has been hiding behind a gameface that's been staring at today with laser-like intensity. I haven't seen a guy look so serious in ages. Charles Woodson, likewise, has apparently been eager to remind the youngsters on the team of the unfortunate Barrett Robins story. It's a pretty sharp contrast to the Steelers leaders who have been seen out and about enjoying the Dallas nightlife this week. This could just be a sign a experience vs. youth, but I think it bodes well for the Pack.

Aaron Rogers has apparently been binge-watching film, which I've found to be one of the least discussed aspects of his game. Sure, he's got pin-point accuracy, but he also seems to anticipate how defenses move better than anyone next to Payton Manning.

PFT, however, puts the preparation dichotomy nicely:
Of course, these are the Super Bowl week stories that can be used to fit any narrative we in the media choose: If the Packers win on Sunday, we’ll say it’s because they were studying while the Steelers were partying. But if the Steelers win on Sunday, we’ll all talk about how they were loose and relaxed while the Packers were too tight.
So far as leading up the game is concerned, I'll take the Packer's quieter approach any day.

The spread has barely changed since the conference finals. It was Packers -2 1/2 two weeks ago and has barely budged since. I've seen a few sports books that have the Packers -3, but those houses have been running that line since the get go. It's not unusual for there to be some fluctuation in the spread as gamblers start to favor one team over the other, but the stability suggests that bettors, on aggregate, haven't picked a favorite. In other words, there doesn't seem to be much insight from the wisdom of crowds.

Will James Harrison lose his composure during the game? He's had an odd week, using his platform to rail against the league for various perceived inconsistencies, so will that translate into an inopportune personal foul (or two)?

For what it's worth, nearly everyone at ESPN seems to be picking the Packer's (knock on wood).

Profound question of the day: Oshkosh is getting pummeled by snow today, which begs the question: will the weather prevent people from getting shitfaced today?
Methinks not.

OK, if it seems like my heart isn't really into blogging today it's because I'm basically doing it to kill time before the game and the pregame shows on TV make me want to sear my retinas with an arc-welding torch. Don't be surprised if there are just some really random posts between now and, say, 3:30 when the real pre-gaming starts.

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