Monday, February 7, 2011

The Chief would like to Cordially Invite Kevin Fischer to Eat a Bag of Dicks

We're simply not going to let this one slide.

Like a lot of bloggers in Wisconsin, Kevin Fischer has been celebrating the Packers' victory in the Super with posts insinuating that Negroes can't handle such revelry in a civilized manner and such, which, for Fischer, is the kind of bullshit we've come to expect from this idiot man-child, so we'll leave the issue of his latent racism for another time. What we want to know is what gives this fucking bang-wagon jumper the place to celebrate the win in the first place?

No one in the Cheddarsphere has been as vocal in his disdain for Aaron Roger and Ted Thompson as Fischer has been. Here's just a sample of some of Fischer's greatest hits:

Ted Thompson has to be the bonehead of the year.
12 July 2008

Ted Thompson: Villain of the Week
9 August 2008

Thompson is the #1 villain in this entire fiasco.
29 July 2008

Packer Nation is full of fans who have had it up to here with Brett Favre. As shocking as it seemed months ago, many of Favre's adoring supporters have now dropped him like yesterday's newspaper.

They subscribe to the Ted Thompson-Mike McCarthy theory that the future is down the road, we're moving on, and as we move in a new direction, it's simply time for a change.

It's time for a change.

My goodness gracious.

It certainly seems to me that the Aaron Rodgers camp sure sounds a lot like [President Obama].
26 July 2008

The Green Bay Packers and their bozo GM Ted Thompson
15 August 2008

Packer losing streak: 3 games (the total number of games lost all last season)

A genius, that Ted Thompson. An absolute geniuS.
10 October 2008

Unlike Packer GM Ted Thompson, Favre is a class act.
19 July 2008
And here.

As recently as this season Fischer continued to feel the need to coddle an ego-maniacal prima donna instead sticking with the team. Good all, fucko.

Let's e perfectly clear about this: Kevin Fischer was wring about Ted Thompson's personnel decisions. Fischer was embarrassingly wrong and even in the face of such rampant wrongness he can't admit to just how fucking wrong he was and own up to his idiotic errors.

So until Fischer owns up to his prior aggressively asserted stupidity, why doesn't he just do us all a favor by shutting the fuck up and enjoying the flavor of a big old bag of dicks?

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