Thursday, February 3, 2011

Even More Super Bowl Links

Good New for Packers' Cullen Jenkins: His Father has been Found, Pro Football Talk
Super Bowl Ads don't Pack the Same Punch in Social Media Era, Washington University
For Compulsive Gamblers, Super Bowl Outcome could be Life or Death, LA Times
Six Players that could Change the Game on Super Bowl Sunday, Toronto Star
Who'd Pay $990 to Park at the Super Bowl? Fanhouse
There's Magic in Super Bowl Prop Wagers, Chicago Tribune
Another Super Bowl Custom: Busting Flea Markets Full of Fake Gear, CNN
James Jones, formerly Homeless Super Bowl Star, Gives back to Kids in Need, Huffington Post
The 7 Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever, AOL News
The Packers Modest GM has Lots to Brag About, NY Times
Your Sneak Peak at this Yea's Super Bowl Ads, Huston Chronicle
Super Bowl Player Boasts ties to Ghana, Voice of America
"Green and Yellow:" Lil Wayne Releases Green Bay Packers Anthem, CBS
President Obama's Super Bowl Party to feature Green Bay Beer, Dallas Morning News
Big Chill, Dueling 'Dos, Wall Street Journal
NFL Ref has a Pretty Sweet Set-up, With Leather
LA should Follow the Cheeseheads, LA Times
Keeping Score: Which Stats can Predict a Super Bowl Winner? NY Times
The Super Bowl where Everyone Wins, Slate
Guide to Super Bowl XLV Broadcast, Sports Illustrated
Monkey, Elephant make Super Bowl Predicitions, FOX Sports
A Super Bowl Oddity: No Cheerleaders for Packers or Steelers, USA Today
My Life with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green bay Packers, Christian Science Monitor
Green bay PackersChase Old Glory in the Super Bowl, The Guardian

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