Friday, February 18, 2011

Andrew Sullivan Just Can't be Bothered to Devote any Mental Energy to Wisconsin

If you want to read the epitome of a snotty piece of east coast bias, just head on over to the Daily Dish and check out why Andrew Sullivan just can't be bothered to grace humanity with his opinion on events here in Wisconsin.
Like the NYT, the WaPo and many other news sources, the Dish has focused on the horrors in Bahrain, the looming confrontation in Iran, riots in Libya, and the sudden earthquake in the Middle East, not a newly elected governor trying to curtail government spending, especially on healthcare for public sector unions. Readers are very irate. Well, we make choices here. But we're of no party or clique, which may be why I'm not that galvanized by a partisan mudfight. 
OK, I will concede that the problems of fat drunkards with funny accents and even funnier headgear are not of the world-historical import whatever country Sully has decided to become an expert on this week, but, Jesus, could he do us the courtesy of at least politely masking his contempt?

For a lot of people here, this bill is a human rights issue. It's not a life-or-death human rights issue, but it cuts to the core of people's economic way of life. That's not something to dismiss as unworthy of a great mind who feels it necessary to shine alight on the struggle for freedom no matter how dark the corner of the world where it occurs.

Sullivan's problem isn't a partisan mudfight, it's that Wisconsin isn't sexy enough for him, and when you throw in something as dull as a labor dispute, well, that's just a recipe for apathy. It's cold here, we don't really offer anything Coasties can't get a better version of in Boston or where ever; we're basically the place where people's aunts and uncles live. Even our corruption is painfully uninteresting. A friend from out East once lovingly called Wisconsin the "Random State -- too big to be small, too small to be big, easy to miss if you're not looking for it." Sullivan's post seems feels like he's draining that compliment of it's warmth so that he can wax pretentiously about events in exotic lands (Even though I've never read much Bahrain blogging at the Dish before.)

So on behalf of the Random State, I'd like to apologize for being so boring; so middle American; so familiar to take for granted, yet just distant enough to ignore. We're only your neighbors. We'll try better in the future. Maybe we can turn Wisconsin Dells into a concentration camp or encourage the executive of Calumet County to rule with an iron fist. Would oppressing women help? Just say the word and we'll turn Ashland into a hub of the world sex slavery trade.

Now, please, go on telling us what country we're supposed to give a fuck about this week...

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