Friday, August 21, 2009

We do Requests

It's almost the end of summer. Our energy level is low, while our apathy level is high. Give us something to work with.

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random n00b said...


last time I was here I was actually stifling a bunch of questions. Not sure I rememebr what was in my bean then, but I didn't because i got to feelin' huffy. Y' know..."the bastard never talks to me anyway, why bother..."

But okay,just off the top o me head.
Whadda ya think of BobFest? if the Progressive is flaccid - What About Bob? (a great movie btw, or rather, Murray is great in an other wise shitty affair)Do you go? Do you have fun? Is it just a big circle jerk or a boon to mankind.

What do you think about the incredible tenacity of extremism and I mean in the US? Is there a way out? Or do you feel as I do that levels will actually increase for the foreseeable future. AND (most frightening) what will the world be like considering that a whole new generation has matured seeing the levels of polarization that we now have, believing this is a default state?

You seem to be online a lot, as I am. Myself i would see online interactions as an enormous underground and "organic" force for change. In fact, the only one that exists. Sub-culture norms and internet exchanges between younger people(while they are denigrated by older folks as "wastes of time") actually have younger people becomig really comfortable with friendships of all types of ppl around the world. Muslim chats with Christian about Naruto, no one cares about the rhetoric of their elders.
and more notable it seems some ideas of gender are alos more fluid. Or do you disagree? But I wonder how 'easy" if will be 20 years from now to get some of the teens I see now to work up any steam in opposition to "gay marriage", because of some online stuff. hard to explain sorry.

Or how about -
Can an Honest Man get anywhere in politcs today without compromising himself so much that he is not longer sany differnt than Blagojevich except in scope or degree?

Will that Tom Barret dude run and will he get massive support from the Dems and guys like XOff and aren't they old friends and didn't X and that Rowan guy help testify in a sex case of Barrett's (or am I thinking of another guy) and if it was Barrett will that thing be any trouble on the campaign trail or is it dullsville now.

hmm. well that's all I got at the mo'

it would be interesting to read Why You Blog. Or if that's too personal, views on valid reasons TO blog and I mean that leaves out all the self-seving mofos. All the narcissists, or the guys with agendas (like use therir eal names and are running for office or selling a product or someone's shill omg that woman who used to blog pissed me off. Was a SSDC mouthpiece and now works in a similar capacity for some other Dem entity, I forget. But her blog had her identifiers buried so for a while there is looked like "just a bright gal with an opinion" so none of that crap. But just regular guys - why bother blogging today?

or if all that's SOOO boring, who're some really Hotty McHot celebrities and why,
AND if a gun was put to your head and you HAD to be gay or DIE, name 3 celeb males you could dance the horizontal mambo with and not wanna kill yerself immediately after.
(lol this would be an awesome post to archive in case ppl ever find out who you really are. mwahahahaa!!!)