Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Strange Side Note to Tom Petri's Omro Town Hall

Lo, through the mighty power that is Google we found this very odd comment left on FreedomWorks website:

We asked our Town Haller what the hell that was all about and THer was equally in the dark. Evidently, the meeting did take place in it's originally scheduled location and no one yelled "Jesus for the people!" during the meeting.

There are a lot of discongruent elements working here. First, FreedomWorks in one of the conservative organizations that are supposedly "astroturfing" the town hall meetings. Maybe they are, maybe they're not -- who knows? But their name is out there. Second, Tom Petri has never alligned himself with the Christian Right, nor the Christain Right with Tom Petri, so this seems like the work of an enthusiastic loner. Third, the religious make-up of Petri's district is predominantely Catholic and Luthern, not the evangleical brand of Christianity that would encourage someone to, say, shout "Jesus for the people!" in the middle of a town hall meeting. Lastly -- the location change? What's up with that? Never happened and would appear to run contrary to the whole purpose of turning the town hall meetings into tent revivals.

Rather than say this is any kind of deal one way or another, let's just open the floor to anyone who has heard anything else about this. It seems very odd to us and therefore likely to just be mmisunderstanding of a single confused individual, but, hey, in the off chance it's not, let us know.


Jef Hall said...

I don't know if it is related, but Petri was very involved with the Creationism movement and the Discovery Institute.

Anonymous said...

You guys may be over-intellectualizing this whole thing.
I think the evidence is pretty clear that Jesus is planning to run against Petri and HE is the one astroturfing the meeting.

I mean, come on - "Jesus for the People" ? pretty obvious what that's about innit?
I just hope he can't do to campaign contributions what he did to dem fishes, ya know?
or Christian Nation here we come.