Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Support this Kid for the Love of God!

This kid rules. End of story.

Go to the link above and make sure this kid wins Inc.'s Best Lemonade Stand in America contest, then get up to Oshkosh and buy some lemonade.

And when you're done doing that give him a shout-out on your blog, write your local newspaper, tell your friends and family and so forth...

Just look at that lemonade stand ... mine was a folding card table and a crappy piece of folder paper (and chances are, so was your's). I feel like I should order a margarita at this place -- and that they might actually serve me one if I did.

Congrats, Wyatt! Your "What I did over summer vacation" essay will clearly be better than anyone else's in your class next month!

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CJ said...

Could you do a little somethin' some"just a mom" Heather Blish?