Monday, August 17, 2009

The NRA is Sick

The NRA is pushing is Amy Geiger-Hemmer's disgusting blog post on it's Twitter feed:

MORE: Yeah, everything about this post is an epic fail on my part. Call it an urge to be too trigger happy after a long day. So move along, now -- there's nothing to see here ... except me being an incompetent douchebag.


Cindy Kilkenny said...

Dear man, you have my sympathies. It happens to us all.

You certainly made me laugh with your explanation!

Anonymous said...

Epic Fail? ..looks like I missed something.

btw i might use a different name someday soonish, I'm gettin sick of this one.
dun dun dun...
phoney imposter reads this comment,
-jumps in with false persona pretending to be me and creates havoc!!!
-makes weird non sequiturs!
-fills Chief's blog with voluminous volumes of vituperrious volumination that no one ever reads!!
-seems to exist only to Blog-Noogie Tony Palmeri (causing hair displacement*) at every opportunity!!
w00t! yeah baby! luv that last one

btw part 2, not sure of her intent but hmmm if that woman ahead of me was being condescending to The Chief, well then fie upon her! fie! Yeah, big ol'pile o' Fie fer you, Lady.:P

*XDD re: that hair displacement issue ~

Anonymous said...

well, i guess "random noob" is okay as a name, but I was distressed to learn that Apocalypse Avenue is actually used in a game, Halo 3 or something, and so it's just a bore now, and appears to be a damn rip-off when it wasn't.
sorry to the folks that knew :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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