Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hopper's Radio Ad

Audio here.

The ad actually contains the line "They (i.e. unions) want to hand-pick a senator that will vote the way they tell him to."

As if Hopper is a towering monument to independence that doesn't do exactly what the GOP leadership tells him to do...

Greg Sargent points out the inaccuracies in the ad and calls it evidence of Hopper's panic. Unfortunately, radio ads like these are fairly common around here during election season. While I agree that they certainly do get run from a position of weakness, negative garbage like this is usually the harbinger of an exchange of attack ads from both sides that lasts until the end of the campaign, which in this case might not be until June or July.

That means Hopper is taking the "high road" -- by which I mean he's going straight into the gutter so as to make people so sick of negative campaigning after being bombarded for months with the stuff that they lose interest.

Anyway, for something that might inspire a small chuckle take a look at the first entry under the "Likes" section of Hopper's Facebook page. Good stuff.

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