Friday, March 11, 2011

Does Randy Hopper even meet the Residency Requirements to Represent his District Anymore?

Well, here's a funky development on the Randy Hopper recall front:
[P]rotesters outside the Hopper house this week in Fond du Lac were met by his wife who reportedly came out and told them: Hopper no longer lives there, but with his 25-year-old mistress in Madison. 
If he no longer has a residence in Fond du Lac, but instead is keeping a love nest in Madison, Hopper might not meet the legal residency requirements for serving his Senate District.

Infidelity aside, this is a legal issue that voters might want to get straightened out.

MORE: Actually, lets take this thought experiment further: If he has not been fulfilling the residency requirements for some time now, has Randy Hopper been ineligibly representing his district in the Senate for however many months he's been living shacked up in his Madison love nest? What does that do to the votes he's since January?

Now those are some questions that will require professional attention.

Citing recent threats during the budget repair bill battle, Republican Senator Randy Hopper says he will not participate in Saturday's St. Patrick's Day Parade in Fond du Lac.

In a written statement, Senator Hopper said, "I had looked forward to walking the parade route and sharing this celebration with my family, friends, neighbors, and constituents, but I, in no way, want to put the citizens of Fond du Lac in harm's way."
Yeah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with potential YouTube clips of Hopper being booed and heckled continuously during a three mile walk through downtown Fondy.

In fact, I imagine Hopper's going to keep a pretty low profile as news of unique living situation starts to work its way through Wisconsin.

MORE STILL: If I'm reading this correctly, Hopper's roommate might have lost her job today.

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