Thursday, March 10, 2011

Commence Editorials!

The Journal-Sentinel wasted little time in criticizing last night GOP power grab:
But the Republicans went too far in their zeal to bust the unions and too far in their stubborn tactics to accomplish that mission. They are forcing these changes on an unwilling state at great cost - and they still haven't filled the budget hole the original measure was designed to fill.
And then,
Republicans, in the end, did what they had said they would not do: They cast aside provisions in the "budget-repair" bill that actually dealt with the budget and took an up-or-down vote on ending most collective bargaining. Fiscal matters require a Senate quorum of 20; the Republicans have only 19 members.
The editorial specifically calls out the Brothers Fitzgerald, which is almost as much fun as watching video of Scott Fitzgerald running out of the conference committee like a thief being replayed on every news channel this morning.

I'm sure various polling firms are going to be pounding the pavement in Wisconsin pretty hard this weekend. I can't wait to see what the numbers look like next week.

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Atlanta Roofing said...

Looking from the outside, other countries don't see Republican¬s and Democrats. This is not a political issue based on party principles¬. What you have are a bunch of crooks infesting your government from both sides and Wall St. robbing you blind. Stop fighting amongst yourselves and find some common ground to take your country back from the hands of thieves. Surely the meltdown in 2008 opened everyone's eyes as to what is going on. Why hasn't anyone gone to jail? Why hasn't anything changed? Wake up America.