Friday, January 21, 2011

Just a Ton of Packers/Bears Commentary

Here's a week's worth of commentary on Sunday's big game with Bears.

You're welcome.
A Revolting Thought, Micheal Wilbon
Rogers Beats Cutler in a Cage Match, Rick Morrissey
Halas Helped Save Packers, Davide Haugh
Once More into the Breach, Tim Leyaden
Expect Defense to Dominate in Packers-Bears; 10 Things to Watch, Peter King
You Have to Hear These Fan Stories, Wayne Drehs
Ex-Packer Matt Bowen will Always Remember Packers-Bears, Matt Bowen
Starks has Grown into Role of Leading Ball Carrier, Tom Silvertein
James Starks in a Bears Uniform? It Nearly Happened on Draft Day, JJ Cooper
Packers are Good, but don't get Overconfident, Dave Begel
Rooting, Love Interests Collide in Packers-Bears Rivalry, Bob Petrie
Bears-Packers Rivalry Leads to Split Loyalties in Families, Joseph Bustos
Packer Parents in Bears County Cheer on the Packers, Stacey Baca
Packers Fans at Waukegan School take a Ribbing and Keep on Ticking, Dan Moran
A Little Slice of Cheeseland in Lakeview, Steve Johnson
6 Unusual Ways the Bears can Gain an Edge on the Packers, Uden Franklin
Vince Lombardi Would have Loved this Homegrown Packers Bunch, Don Banks
Governors Bet on Bears-Packers Game, Patrick Tricker
Trash Talk: Packers, Bears Fans Swap Stories, Wausau Daily Herald
Even the Church Betting on the Packers, WHBL
Bears Fans Weary under the Razor of their Packers Fan Barber, Amy Alderman
Obama says He's Going to the SuperBowl -- if the Chicago Bears are There, Michael Memoli
Bears to the Left, Packers to the Right; Two Local Bars Stuck in the Middle, Joe Vince
A Bear and a Meat Packer Meet in an Alley, Joe Sinopoli
Five Things to Watch: Pears-Packers, Michael Wright
Meet the Bears' Secret Weapon, Ben Bowman
Packer Fans take Team Pride to the Extreme, Tony Walter
Ticket-holder Since '33 Remembers Last Packers-Bears Playoff Game, WXOW
Analysis: Packers Offense Finishes Strong (Except Against the Bears), Sports Nation
Devin Hester to Write a Monthly Column for Chicago Parent Magazine, Liz Hoffman
Ted Thompson Owes Skippy Bayless a Cockpunch, Drew Magary
A Fat People's History of the Packer's Bears Rivalry, Christmas Ape
A Key Plot Point in 'A-Packer-lypse Now,' Steve Rosenbloom
Packers-Bears III, Wayne Larrivee
Eleven Memorable Games in Packers-Bears History, Steve Leventhal

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