Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Also Took My Wife to a Demolition Derby for Our First Date...

Feel the romance!
Priebus’s appearance at the House Republican retreat signaled his desire to build a better relationship between the RNC and elected congressional leaders. He was introduced by fellow Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan and told the crowd that his first date with his wife was at a Lincoln Day dinner with Wisconsin Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner.
The idea of Tex Sensenbrenner chaperoning anyone's first date is kinda creepy.


Sadchan Stewie said...

(actually after my parents divorced my father took one of his first dates to a demo derby and they were both fine wi' it. slummin' i guess O_o)

*big sigh* Okay, I am so depressed and freaked over politics/world events I can barely function and these guys in white keep chasing me around with a jacket with funny sleeves. But gossiping about people's dates, that I can do...

First, if the guy is awesome it really doesn't matter if you are cleaning latrines togehter. Later it will. At first, you probably don't notice the latrines so much.

Second, it's really important to keep at the forefront of any discussion of this type that both Priebus and Walker are that REALLY Icky Little Puke kind of male. It's not a macho thing, it's just an indefinable Icky Little Puke thing. Think how horrible it would be to be in a hot tub with Priebus or eye to eye in candlelight with Walker. You just can't salvage this shit with the "date activity" itself.

Third. I totally support this date behavior on Reince Charming's part. It was honest.and it worked for her. Like Brett Favre taking his future wife to a practice and "letting her" hold his sweaty towel and then going out to throw back some beers with the guys while he grabs the waitresses asses. That is what her life will be if she stays around. BETTER to be honest in that way than to have been something he is not (i.e. a normal guy) for the sake of courtship, and thereby creating some false image and a letdown later. If a guy only really cares about one thing (in this case politics) and yeah he wants a female around too, but it's all about HIM and his shit, he better be upfront about that. Then if she feels it's a relationship that fits HER style, fine. Or if she thinks "whatever I like money, he has it and if he's busy all the time he won't be up in mah grill every minute and gee I'm a narcissist anyways and would rather shop and do lunch with mah gurlz", it will work for them.
That first date shows his emotional depth and his super-focus on one thing and that politics is his overriding life passion. maybe she's happy being busy with the kids etc.
She probably really admires him and really thinks he's working for the betterment of the world. True Love for some? I'd personally guess the answer is guess 100% yes...

stew said...

here Chief, you seem like the kinda guy who likes (maybe secretly) charts and shit