Friday, January 28, 2011

Headlines of the Damned

Today's edition of Headlines of the Damned is brought to you by the Kansas Leader & Times:

This has been another edition of Headlines of the Damned.

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Hey Chiefy, m'back (stewie ya no)
Did you see this?

Lol @ this kind of babble coming outta RoJo's Cakehole -

"Well, my concern is that when the president talks about investments, he's talking about government spending and government control and obviously I'm from the private sector. I've been running a manufacturing business for 31 years and by and large I do it on my own and I -- my concern is obviously the federal government, state governments, local governments do need to provide infrastructure for businesses.

That's obvious, but capital is far better allocated by millions of individuals operating freely within a free market system, and I'm afraid the president really doesn't understand that. He's never operated in the private sector. That's the type of perspective I bring here to Washington

aaaand then there's the straitjacket he says he wants towards the end..

ROFLs 4 RoJo !!!!