Friday, September 4, 2009

A Few Unorganized Thoughts on the Juggalos

  • Juggalos are no more a "gang" than the Kiss Army is a paramilitary organization.
  • Gangs have hierarchies, leadership and even business plans -- I doubt you'll find any such organization among the Juggalos.
  • That being said, and just like a gang, it's likely that the "Juggalo community" is one of the few communities these kids feel welcome in.
  • The most logical answer for why the Juggalos have recently adopted the sundial downtown as their hangout is because the New Moon coffee house across the street has an open mic night on Tuesdays. Ergo, the open area across the street is a good place to retreat to when the music starts to suck and/or shit gets boring (as it tends to frequently do when your an adolescent).
  • Also, is it any surprise that kids who are so attention-starved that they wear outlandish costumes and ghoulish make-up would chose one the city's most visible corners to congregate?
  • The nice thing about outdoor teen gathering areas in Wisconsin is that they rarely survive the winter. By the time, spring rolls around, kids are looking for a new place. That's just the nature of being a teenager.
  • While there's very little scientific research done on the "Juggalo demographic," there's a consensus that Juggalos tend to be young, white, male, under-educated and from working or lower class families with little structure. Who else would think dressing up like retarded clowns and rapping about necro-bestiality would be cool?
  • The OPD deserves a lot of credit for deciding to air out their grievances with the Juggalos in a public forum instead of doing it after an incident of some kind late at night. We can think of times in the past where subcultures were not treated with this level of courtesy (or in such a timely nature), which lead to simmering tensions between the two parties. We can't help but wonder if Chief Greuel read this New Yorker article from earlier this summer that describes a criminologist who is having success reducing recidivism by preemptively asking criminals to knock off all that crime.
  • Did anyone else think this meeting was a small town version of COIN strategy?
  • Likewise, good on the Juggalos for going to the meeting. Hopefully they will learn that expressing yourself honestly and with good faith in a public forum is far more productive than emulating these douchebags.
  • These kids gathering in public is actually better than them operating in garages, basements or other unsupervised places where they can actually get away with illegal or harmful behavior.
  • Which brings us to probably the elephant in the room: this is largely about aesthetics. Because these kids look like walking billboards for Prozac, they're basically a form of human blight. That's just the reality of their appearance. I wouldn't want them hanging around my neighborhood just based on their image alone and nor would most people.
  • The Insane Clown Posse is the single worst musical act of all-time. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about any aspect of their entertainment product. Eventually, some of these kids will realize this and the shame of this youthful indiscretion will haunt them for the rest of their days.
And now back to my fishing trip...


Rob said...

All of this is amazing. Things are going on in Oshkosh that I have no idea about. I wish Wausau had Juggalos...

Anonymous said...

lol. The Author of this article is ignorant - uninformed; unaware. << I even gave you the meaning in case you didn't know what it meant. Describing a Juggalo is like Describing ever single other stereotype out there. Rich White kids, poor black kids, Nazi's, Celebrities, Star Trek nerds, beautiful ladies and all the others you people so unkindly judge. You're not worse then what you hate because you hate. I am a Juggalo. I <3 Animals to death, I like all people but the rude disrepecting ones, but I don't hate them I actually just wish you and them would find an high power and stop being so Close-Minded. I'm 27, I am in College for Computer Engineer. And the Reason that I like the Insane Clown Posse is because They made it when everyone around them put them down. They don't need, movies, radio or music videos. If you hate us fine but there's a thin line between "Expressing your Opinions" and just being "Flat out Racist". You're the type of person that Watched Katrina from afar and laughed at all the raping and death that went on. You're the type of person that Worries if 9/11 was true events or just an act of governments weak surprize to bring this nation together. Because we are all stupid. Don't bother responding. I wasted enough time as it is. Back to being a Juggalo and Loser that I am. Thanks for your Story though. You're one of many. Just like you, I am a dumb bastard for reading and responding to this.

-Damon Out-

Anonymous said...

The Chief was actually giving the Juggalos some props. He said, joining 99.9% of all humanity, that ICP is awful.

Jb said...

Thank you for your contributions to society, Damon.

Since I assume you're a first time reader, let me just suggest reading some of the other posts on this blogs without taking the words so literally. Very often things are written here ironically or with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

This post is just one of those ocassions.

Secondly, Anon@6:46 was exactly right: the very first statement we made in this post was defending the local Juggalo presence from accusations that they are somehow a gang-related threat. I'm sure if you read this post a little more carefully, you will find a few more subtle compliments that don't quite jump out at the eyes like: ICP 4-EVA!

Thirdly, I happen to think very highly of "beautiful ladies," thank you very much, and don't judge them unkindly at all.

Nextly, we had family in friends in New York & Washington on 9/11, as well as in New Orleans during Katrina. Calling us a "Truther" or saying that we "laughed" at Katrina is to insult us in a manner you clearly can not possibly fathom ... but we'll give a pass this time.

Lastly,ICP sucks. The end. I don't get it. A truly close minded individual would never have listened to any of their music. We've given it a shot ... and it still sucks.

There's why no one gave them good odds of "making it," and it's because they suck. I truly do marvel at their perseverance and ability to create a marketable product, but I sure as hell don't have to like any of it. That doesn't make me "racist" or "close-minded" or anything else. It just means I have taste and Fay-go doesn't sate the palate, if you get my drift.

Anyway, we'd love to hear why people like ICP and what it is about their music and act that their fans enjoy. We think that would actually go a long way toward helping people understand the Juggalo phenomenon here. If you have any insights to offer, feel free to jot them down here.

Douglas McCloud said...

Agree that while they look goofy they are harmless. Same can be said of 50 year old fat white guys with face paint and a Packer jersey.

Put yet as I said before, they do make a convincing point of NOT supporting universal gov't paid healthcare

Anonymous said...

I'm not to sure how things are out there, but here on the west coast "Juggalo" is a frame of mind not just a fan of the music... I was given a family that cared when I was introduced to the local juggalos in Portland. I had found myself on the street because going home to a violent drunk didn't appeal to me. I was taken in and shown how a family really works... it's been about ten years and now I'm 23, in college (I graduated High school), and on my way into an entry-level position with Intel. I still listen to the music, along with every other genre of music, and it helps me blow off steam when I wanna strangle the living shit out of my co-workers or boss. I respect everyone's opinion on the Juggalo family, but I would ask that you consider the good thats possible with the support network that is available with-in the Juggalo Family... and about the clothes, I'd rather see some people painted up having a good time, than some middle age guys in white robes.... and I have seen both.