Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Are "Matzo-skinned Lefties"?

Is that just Kevin Fischer's latest contribution to code-word nomenclature for "Jews"?

Honestly, I've never heard the adjective "matzo-skinned" used to describe anything. The alliterative cliche usually used is "thin skinned," but matzo is typically both harder than flesh and thicker than your average dermal layer, so it really doesn't make much sense to use as a synonym.

Matza, of course, is a Jewish traditional delicacy with Biblical origins, and Fischer used the strange phrase in the context of plugging some blogger's -- "Ten Commandments For Liberals Who Want to Argue About Politics.” -- another Jewish innovation (the 10 Commandments part, in any event). Additionally, the Jewish vote tends to leans leftward...

I hope there was a bizarre series of free associations that led Fischer to this strangely phrased neologism and not a Freudian slip indicative of something, you know, much worse.

MORE: Whoops! Fixed the link.


Michael Horne said...

What an odd choice of words. I think it is clearly pejorative against Jews. I hope he gets hammered on this.
Michael Horne

Michael Horne said...

Guess what! Fischer says Matzo-skinned means "thin-skinned!" See my Milwaukeeworld post.

Anonymous said...

holy crap!
It's Ron White !

Katie Rosenberg said...

I've heard a lot of slurs but this is a new one. Nice that Mr. Fischer can at least be inventive with his anti-Semitic locution.

Jb said...

Shalom, KR ... Shalom!