Friday, July 17, 2009

Food Fight

We're happy to see the use Kevin Fischer's newly minted phrase "matzo-skinned lefties" has been making the rounds (see here, here, here and here). And to keep the ball rolling, we're going to offer up this observation:

The problem we had with Fischer's post was that he appeared to be using a strange term with ethnic connotations as a slur to disparage people of a certain political ideology. Fischer's attempt at being clever was so poorly executed that it could be read that he was calling liberals "Jews."

All of that was at the end of the post, which left us scratching our heads wondering if Fischer were trying to blur the lines between liberals and Jews, so when we re-read the post we did so by replacing the word "liberal" with the word "jew" and this is what we got from the first two paragraphs:
Jews have a certain air about them. Call it arrogance, pomposity. Only they are wise. Their intelligence surpasses that of everyone else by a country mile.

There is no justification for Jews to pontificate from their lofty high horses since they have no ability to reason or rationalize using clear thought, facts, and documentation.

Anyone who has undertaken even a cursory study of antisemitism (or been subjected to it) has seen language like this before. In fact, it reminded us of a condensed version of Richard Wagner's essay "Judaism in Music" ... and that's not a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Somewhat off the Fischer topic but re: the Wagner/jew thing - if you replace the word "jew" with the word "muslim" in his remarks in that linked article on "if they are to assimliate with us" etc. the same sentiments could quite easily be coming from a German today. So- as insane as it sounds in Germany now it is the muslims who feel the "anti-semitism". (also thruout Europe anywhere that issues such as 'will we allow headscarves in schools' etc. are found) Which is not to paint the muslim poulations as uber-victims, since "they" have their own cultural issues re: human/woman's-rights etc that are controversial/may -eed-improvement. But it's intersting how the Group-du-jour changes and how the sentences themselves kind of do not.

So Lol you see this Fischer is a bit behind the times, because back in the Fatherland they're all off the Jew-thing and onto the Muslims.
Gawd, try to keep the pace, would ya Fischer?

BTW speaking of Fischers - a while back they were saying that the Die GrĂ¼nen (German Green party) dude Joschka Fischer was coming to NYC to establish an office here to pump up the US-German Green connection,and then damn! I could find no more on it. and I wanted to because as far as I can tell American Greens and German Greens are two VASTLY different species and so woo-doggy! that would be an arranged marriage I'd like to witness.
So yeah anyway,
Kevin Fischer = Braindead Moron

(or as my German grandma used to say "that guy's dead from the asshole on up". which would give you an asshole on legs - just to be clear on that point. okay gotta go)