Sunday, July 26, 2009

Passing the Buck*

Seriously, just make the goddamn decision yourselves.

There's absolutely no need for another committee to essentially resolve a single animal control issue and it's ridiculous that Esslinger has to waste political capital by meeting with the Governor over this issue. (I don't care who is in the office, but the Governor of Wisconsin has far more important things to worry about that a whether the City of Oshkosh can take control a few dozen deer.)

What could a new committee possibly tell the city that it doesn't already know? Anyone who thinks that any such committee will be made up of "experts" is delusional -- what authority does the city council have to ensure that someone from the DNR will be on the board? No more more authority than if they required the Sultan of Brunei to chair the damn thing.

Some of the people who live in the Vulcan quarry area nearly break down in tears when talking about the deer the property damage they've sustained. They've put up with enough inaction and a committee will onlhy succeed in creating further delays.

*Pun most certainly intended.


Anonymous said...

omg bwahaha Esslinger and Palmeri are goin' after Varmint-Cong but they're gonna get him with..Democracy!

sunnofa B Chief! I was NOT going to say a THING not a thing.
but then I read this Esslinger remark, which has to be the dumb-ass quote of the year

"There are many animals and birds in Oshkosh that we have issues with..."

and yet it's quite eloquent too, in that it captures the governing style (note I said "governing" not "leadership") in place. The Tempest in a Teapot syle, wherein fuss is made in inverse proportion to the actual importance of an issue, so that a great deal of activity APPEARS to be taking place while bigger issues go begging. People do that when they have no damn idea how to run a city but DO have a damn idea of how to manipulate people and get attention.

Have I shown enough contempt yet? why no, I don't think I have.

But Chief, I disagree that it's bad for Esslinger and minions to make their inanity known to The Doyle. Let as many people see as possible, the more eyes that roll in disbeleiving exasperation when a guy (or guys) finally leaves the room the better. Then, one glorious day those who are full if shit will finally implode politically and sun will shine and the birdies will sing.
Hopefully the same birdies that Esslinger-Palmeri have "issues with".

Anonymous said...

and I'll send ten bucks to anyone who hereafter calls it the "Caddyshack Committee"

Anonymous said...