Saturday, November 15, 2008

White Pride Vince

For some unintentionally hilarious blogging, stop by The Conservative, an absolutely masterpiece of blind paranoia. Vince, the proprietor of said blog genuinely believes Barack Obama is the Antichrist (and has some, to be kind, less than profound things to say about race in America).

Here's a highlight from White Pride Vince's ouvre:

I believe Obama is God's chosen vessel to bring about the destruction of America ... We cannot survive an Obama presidency. I believe he is the predecessor to the Anti-Christ.

White Pride Vince should get together with Peter "the Hit Man" DiGaudio for some kind of collaborative project that advances the cause of online douchebaggery in Wisconsin. This way their collective efforts won't overlap and readers can do some good old fashioned one-stop-shopping for senseless commentary.

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