Sunday, November 30, 2008

Until Something Interesting Happens in Wisconsin (Presumably after the Thanksgiving Holiday) You will Read About Pirates here at the Chief

*** A deal on the captured Ukranian ship carrying all kinds of old Soviet munitions is reached. Terms will probably not be disclosed any time soon, but the pirates were asking for $3 m.

*** More on private security contractors looking to hawk their services.

*** American shipping firms in Connecticut are monitoring the situation. (The entire shipping industry is hurting even without piracy right now)

*** Pirate communications.

*** No ties between pirates and al-Qaeda.

*** An interview with Santosh Patil (pictured being hugged by his mother below) after being released from pirate captivity:*** Dutch ships now taking the long way around Africa.

*** Why Piracy Pays.

*** Why U.S. involvement in Somalia is counterproductive.

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