Friday, November 28, 2008

The Cultural Awesomeness of the Somali Pirates

They're everywhere. They're the hottest criminal enterprise on the face of the planet and it doesn't look like they're slowing down anytime soon.

*** They hijacked yet another ship, and on a day when they released a previously captured boat (which can only mean today's payday on the Horn of Africa).

*** They've taken to kidnapping journalists, thus enhancing the mystery behind their allure.

*** Some folks are positing that the pirates are actually operating under the auspices of the transitional, um, "government".

*** Here's the best one: an admiral in the Indian Navy isn't ruling out their involvement in the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, even though it's likely he's the only person in the universe who thinks this idea is anything but preposterous. So now they're receiving credit for dastardly acts they probably didn't even commit.

*** The pirates are hanging out with a "horse country socialite" who appears to be just as mysterious as they are.

*** Awesome 10 minutes YouTube story with interviews and shots of the pirate city of Eyl.

*** Here are few tips your company can learn from the pirates to optimize your business.

*** And now the pirates are looking to make a bid on Citigroup.

Well played, maties.

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