Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Wisconsin Blogger's Compendium of Paul Ryan Posts

Enjoy, America!
Paul Ryan: Cassandra or Chicken Little? (4/4/10)
Ignore the Wine and Focus on Ryan's Voting Record (7/10/11)
The Evolution of Paul Ryan's "Tipping Point" (4/8/10)
Paul Ryan's Budget (2/1/10)
Paul Ryan vs. Vermont (the Winner gets to Craft America's 21st Century Health Care Policy) (10/14/11)
Paul Ryan is Born Again!!! (12/14/11)
Paul Ryan's Presidential Ambitions (2/5/10)
Paul Ryan's "American Idea" is neither very American nor much of an Idea (11/21/11)
If Paul Ryan takes Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Seriously, should we keep taking Paul Ryan Seriously? (10/13/11)
Ron Johnson's 12-point Plan to Save the Economy and Achieve Relevance (8/30/11)
Tomorrow's Ron Johnson Talking Points Today! (7/22/10)
The Smartest Guy in the GOP (2/18/11)
Paul Ryan kicks off the GOP Vice Presidential Nomination Campaign Season (10/26/11)
More on the Ryan Budget (2/2/10)
Latest Conservative Buzz Phrase: "Tipping Point" (4/8/10)
Paul Ryan Tells It Like It Is (3/12/09)
Today's Edition of Hysterical Health Care Reform Hyperventilating (4/5/10)
Paul Ryan's Budget is Pretty Much a Catastrophe on Every Level (3/11/10)
Paul Ryan Delivers an Economic Speech at a Think Tank Named after Herbert Hoover (9/28/11)
Good Idea/Bad Idea (1/6/10)
The Apostle Paul (Ryan)'s Epistle to the Hillsdalites (1/15/10)
Republicans Who are Publicly Signing on to the Paul Ryan Budget, Vol I (2/9/10)
The Juiciest Paul Ryan Gossip You'll Probably Ever Read (9/27/10)
"In the past I had been a fan of Ryan. I am not a fan any longer." (12/11/08)

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