Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wherein We Pour Gasoline on the Fischer vs. Express Fire

Here's an interesting development. The Shepard Express has called out Kevin Fischer for his semi-annual "Stupid people shouldn't vote" post, something we noticed last November.

Fischer seems to take great pride in be identified with various other former recipients of the Express' "Jerk of the Week" award, thanking the paper thusly:
What a classy paper, tremendous writers, a terrific sense of humor, and such a prestigious award.

How good is the Shepherd Express? I'll tell you how good it is. It's so good they have to litter the streets of southeastern Wisconsin with copies begging and hoping that you will pick up a copy.........FREE!
Which is an interesting criticism to make since the Express charges exactly the same price as Fischer's own blog (i.e. nothing).

Fischer's clearly looking to prolong the fight here. In his very next post he decides to relink to the "infamous blog [post]" that so offended the Express. We think they should take him up on the offer. A public feud with someone in a position of power can only be beneficial to the Express. I'm sure that if they start asking questions about Fischer's employment, his responsibilities in the Lazich office and his questionable extracurricular behavior (that no Capitol staffer in Madison would even dream of getting away with), they'll find an interesting story ... or at least many instances of buffoonery worth of passing on to their readers.

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Zach W. said...

It's amazing to me that someone hasn't tried to make a bigger story out of Fischer's "extracurricular" activities. I'm willing to bet if some enterprising soul did some digging, they'd find a lot of dirt.