Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MacIver: Still Stealing Content

We've pointed out several instances of Wisconsin's newest "think tank" ripping off content from other new outlets ... and they don't appear to be stopping any time soon.

Today Mac prez Brett Healy just cut and pasted an op-ed by Juan Williams on the in-house blog without attributing a source or providing a link to the original online article.

This is theft and unspeakably lazy blogging.


Cindy Kilkenny said...

I can't believe how hysterical a few of you are over another conservative think tank opening shop. For goodness sakes, breath! These guys haven't even done anything yet. They are harmless. Chances are they'll be lightweights anyway.

As for your complaint, it's one of my pet peeves, too. Maybe someone should send Mr. Healy an e-mail with friendly blogger guidelines and a quick review of fair use. Otherwise it will look like you want him to continue this practice.

Other Side said...

Chances are they'll be lightweights anyway.Er, I think that's been established already.