Saturday, April 11, 2009

There's Just not Enough Crazy

This is absolute madness. I mean sheer batshit insanity:

My digital cable converter is actually a brain washing device? Wasn't that part of the plot of Batman Forever? Can't you guys pick one of the decent Batman movies to steal your crackpot theories from?

Is this what these tea parties are all about? Since no one seems to know just why people are holding these silly little events I can only assume that they serve as a gathering point for the crazies to assemble. We should get these guys together with 9/11 Truthers and have a nutjob kook convention. I see that Glenn Beck had something to do with this exercise in civic derangement, which could explain a lot, but this goes way beyond even Beck's brand of fear mongering paranoia.

Just as an aside: I think my favorite part of the video is where the rep from the Constitution Party dukes it out with the rep from the Liberatrian Party. This is where third parties do their recruiting?


capper said...

They must have a shortage of tinfoil at these parties.

capper said...

On second thought, was this a tea party, or a long island tea party?

Jb said...

Strong Island Iced Teas for every last mofo around!

Now that's a policy I can accept.