Monday, December 27, 2010

The Single Worst Wisconsin Supreme Court Decision I can Remember


The Legal Watchdog blog looks at a terrible decision from the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in which it upheld an order for a 17-year-old to register as as sex offender, even though he committed no sex crime. The youth forced another 17-year-old to accompany him to collect a debt. This was enough to convict him of falsely imprisoning a minor, which the Wisconsin legislature has defined as a sex crime.

The details are absolutely infuriating.


okjimm said...

That is, much to my amazement.... I just learned that I was a sex offender at 17 myself, but, boy&Howdy it was extremely consenual.

Sledgehammer Stewie said...

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grrr said...

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part 2 said...

This perp is not just some addicted kid who has made a mess of wrong decisions in his life and has stumbled around a lot, he has figured how to become Top Dog and make some kind of "life" for himself (probably a really bad environment since birth, a non-brainer) by heavily exploiting others, to rise to the top of his "social system" that way.
mm kay, that pretty much sucks shit. Lots of people are victims at young ages and suffer, but they ALL do not choose to BECOME the abuser or victimizer themselves.
That's a huge choice there and should not be "coddled".
This "perp" is not just a sad junkie who needs help and rehab.

This kind of terrorism over the target victim is in line with what sex offenders actually do, isn't it? Why side-step the levels of mental terror this "kid" was happily wielding over another? Let's not make that mistake in a rush to label what Judge Ziegler is obviously doing here, and that is avoid the possibility of being accused of being "easy on sex offenders" in future ads. Both her and the perp are quite comfortable playing with the lives of others to attain their goals. What a happy pair.

Stewie said...

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