Thursday, December 30, 2010

Of Course It Is!

Did you know that Florida's official state song is called -- I shit you not -- "Old Folks at Home"?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Governor Walker will change our state song as well to lure them back.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chief, any thoughts on our new overlords, Speaker Fitzgerald and Governor Walker? Is there any good at all that can come of this? Or should we all just hope the zombies come sooner rather than later.

okjimm said...

WHOA! Betcha it's played at all the funerals down there!
Hey, just a thought for Socket Walkman, our new Dictator....Take the lead in reducing our deficit...take a salary cut...the Gov currently takes home $137,092....if he slashes his salary by 10% gees, and if we extend the 10% to the Lt Gov, Sec of State, Att Gen, Treasurer...gosh, over 4 years that comes to about a quarter million... I THINK WE SHOULD CUT GOVERNMENT SALARIES AS THE FIRST STEP TO CUT GOVEERNMENT SPENDING!!

Anonymous said...

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