Monday, June 14, 2010

Ron Johnson Invites Everyone and their Mothers to his Upcoming Fundraisers

I know the Ron Johnson for Senate campaign just tricked out its website and is probably anxious to use it, but advertising high-roller fund-raisers on the new digs is just amateur.

So Johnson, who is purportedly willing to spend $10-15 million of his own dollars on his campaign, is holding several fund-raisers where donors can max out to his campaign. At each of these three shindigs, contributors can fork over enough dough to become "DIAMOND," "PLATINUM" or "SILVER" (in Milwaukee it's "GOLD") level donors to a multimillionaire's campaign. Price of entry is $100 a couple ... $250 per couple for the Sheboygan throw-down.

Talk about staying in touch with the common man!

Usually these kinds of events are private and invitation only. Most candidates don't want to associate themselves with such ostentatious displays of upper class wealth ... but not the Ron Johnson for Senate campaign! They're out there and loving every minute of it (as it were).

The other unintended consequence of just plastering invitations on one's web site is that such fund-raisers may attract the riff-raff. Now, I don't know if there's going to be much of an additional opposition-sponsored event on JUNE 28TH IN OSHKOSH BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 6:00-8:00 PM, but there might be one. Same thing for the EVENT IN SHEBOYGAN ON JUNE 29TH. But there might be people willing to voice their displeasure with Johnson's campaign at the MILWAUKEE FUND-RAISER ON JUNE 30TH AT THE UNIVERSITY CLUB DOWNTOWN BETWEEN 5:30-7:30 PM, so be sure there are enough hors d'oeuvres to go around.

One can only assume that these events are not only open to the public, but are also open to the press, as well! And if not, then members of the media now know where to go to be a fly-on-the-wall and maybe keep a tape recorder running in a purse or jacket pocket or whatever.

Just saying. I don't want to tell the professionals how to do their jobs or anything...

And, seriously, no event hosts for the Sheboygan event yet? That's pretty weak... But I'm sure Launa Stayer-Maloney and Paul Maloney are reaaaalllyy thrilled about throwing open the doors of their home to anyone and everyone who can make the trip. Be sure to say "thank you" for their hospitality if you happen to swing by.

So, this has been pretty embarrassing. I mean, even if the Johnson campaign didn't post this information on its web site, they still managed to make available for all to see on Scribd (though I don't expect either invitation to be up there much longer either).

Here are the links to the Oshkosh, Sheboygan and Milwaukee events. I don't expect them to be up much longer, but just in case you're curious. Below are PDFs of the invitations. I'm sure anyone can find directions to the events on Google Maps.

Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate - Oshkosh Fundraiser Event
Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate - Sheboygan Fundraising Event Invitation
Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate - Milwaukee Fundraising Event Invitation


Anonymous said...

Chief, you need an email for tips: Jonathan Krause is running for 54th AD:

Jb said...

We've heard.

Anyone who wants to leave a tip can feel free to leave it in the comments of any post. It'll get to us probably sooner than an email.