Thursday, February 18, 2010

“Did anyone even know what homosexuality was in high school in 1975?”

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the rhetorical wonder that is Glen Grothman.


JMM Class of '75 said...

Yes, we did.

CJ said...

He must live in an incredibly insular community.

JMM '75 said...

Or he's a fudge-packin' predator who wants to keep our Young naive and vulnerable. Back when school kids REALLY didn't know about sex/homosexuality -more like 1945 than 1975- kids were easier to lure/use/silence than they are now. Guys in older generations who were "approached" as children or teens REALLY had a much more what-the-HELL? situation, and being mesmerized by confusion over what's going on with the neighborhood grocer Mr. McFeeley only gives the Predator time and power over the confused young person.

So how is life best for pedos?
a.) when kids know about "sexual variety" and can identity various sexual motivations coming froma variety of people and maybe just say a clam 'no thanks" OR notify someone if it's creepy
b.) do the predators prefer everyone clueless, innocent of human variety and living in Barbie and Ken land?

hmm, hard to guess.

But if I was casting a movie and needed someone to play
the "oogly little bastard who lurks around the boys shower room and wants to play alone with your little brother"
It would be that guy. Did you look at him? Gawd who votes for these people anyway?

"a few guys who got picked on..." yeah I guess

But anyway using irrefutable logic I have just proven without doubt that guy is motivated by the fact that he is a pedo. Yay me!

(also what WAS Mr. Rogers thinking with naming that delivery guy "Mr. McFeeley"? just not cool. But then he undressed on camera in front of America's children every day so..y' know..sumthin funky goin' on there too)

Jb said...


I don't know what your deal is, but you've clearly got some issues that aren't related to Grothman's silly comments.

Keep the gay-baiting language to yourself. Your "refutable logic" is horseshit.

Anonymous said...

So why not just remove the homophobe's "horseshit" rhetoric instead of allowing his hate-mongering words to appear in your forum?