Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bad Omens

When sports reporters start inserting the jeerings of a single solitary fan, almost certainly because his voice was one of only 1,016 to show up to an NBA game:
One fan, sitting courtside, shouted, at one point, “Bring back Frank!’’ a call for fired head coach Lawrence Frank. At the end of the game, the same fan yelled across the court at Vandeweghe, “Kiki, fire yourself!’’
Since the game was played in New Jersey, that was likely the only thing suitable for publication that the guy said all game.

[via DS]


Courtside Fan said...

You're absolutely right, thanks for your insight. I was really yelling "Kiki, eat a bag of dicks"
This virulent media censorship has got to end.

Jb said...

Wait -- you actually paid to see the fucking Nets lose?

You either have the biggest pair of die-hard low hangers or are the world's greatest Craigslist submissive.

Either way, mad props.

Anonymous said...

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