Sunday, January 20, 2008

Irony-free Zone Ahead

Let's just sit back for a second and marvel at the entrity of this post over at Real Debate Wisconsin:


Camp Obama is complaining about a Robocall that used his middle name...


If you want to see how nasty Democrats are all you have to see is how they treat each other.

First of all, I think it's safe to assume that the title of the post should have been "Roboslut" and that the slut in question here is Hillary Clinton. Slut's not a kind word -- and while I certainly have heard it used as a term of endearment when used between very close friends (usually in an ironic way), I don't think that anyone at RDW knows Clinton well enough to use it in this manner.

But this post is not just a cheap shot at a presidential candidate. No, sir -- this is a penetrating comparative look at the "meanness" of our major political parties. In this case Democrats are "nasty" because they treat each other so disrespectfully that they use their opponents middle name in their attack robocalls. Now, we all know what those calls are getting at, there's no need to spell it out. But, I can assure you that the Obama camp was aware this was going to be an issue when they signed on to this fantastic voyage. I understand why his supporters are pissed -- I'm pissed, too -- but there are two sides to this strategy: the first is everything that is implied through the use of Obama's middle name; the second is the inescapable fact that that's actually his middle name. If his middle name was Poindexter, I would use that in robocalls.

But all of that is really immaterial to the breath-taking foolishness of the final sentence of this post:

If you want to see how nasty Democrats are all you have to see is how they treat each other.

This nugget of wisdom from a post that starts off calling a member of the opposite persuasion a "slut" ...

I'm angry that the recent Democratic debate has even drifted into the vicinity of race and gender. I don't care what was said or how bad it can be interpreted -- I'm angry that the campaigns so much as even thought to move in that direction at all. But things could be a lot worse ... like, say, one GOP candidate calling another member of his party a traitor and a Viet Cong collaborator.

So remind me, now: how are we supposed to judge how nasty political parties can get again?

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