Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just in Case You didn't Already Think Mark Block was the Stupidest Person on the Face of the Earth

Well, then, this should probably confirm it:

In a cryptic comment made at National Journal’s Election 2012 Preview event Tuesday, Mark Block, Herman Cain’s campaign manager, made reference to an incident involving Cain and a receptionist for a radio talk show host.

Asked by panel moderator Beth Reinhard whether he could guarantee that there’s not more information forthcoming about his past, Block began his answer with a blanket denial, followed by what seemed to be a description of an unreported recent incident involving Cain.

“Mr. Cain has never sexually harassed anybody. Period. End of story,” he said. “As the hours go by, it’s interesting that we even hear from a radio talk show host of Iowa that a receptionist thought that Mr. Cain’s comments were inappropriate.”
Wow. It's like Block said: "Well, if that one chick didn't take offense at that terrible thing Cain said that you all know nothing about yet, then there really isn't any reason to worry about anyone ever taking offense to what Cain says ... because, man, that shit was bad!"

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