Saturday, October 1, 2011

If Roy Blunt wants to be Vice Chair of the Republican Caucus he should just Email this Blog Post to his Colleagues in the Senate

This one, right here:
Asked by WisPolitics if he deplored partisanship as much as he said he did during his campaign last fall, Johnson said, "It's sad. I don't see it on the other side. When you have a president that needs to lead, and he's not leading ... so again, in order to work on a bipartisan basis, you need somebody that's negotiating in good faith, that's working in good faith, and currently we don't have that with this president."

Johnson also told the audience that "it's really pretty remarkable how President Obama has pretty well taken over and continued the policies of the Bush administration."

That doesn't mean the freshman Republican senator agrees with Obama on anything.

"We're not getting leadership out of President Obama," he said.

It's fairly obvious that Johnson either doesn't quite understand the differences between Bush policies and Obama policies or doesn't have the slightest idea how to communicate those differences in an effective manner. That's usually a prerequisite for someone in a leadership position.

Then again, maybe this sort of inarticulate gibberish is exactly what the GOP is looking for.

We've pointed out a few times that Johnson seems to specialize in snidely dismissing Senate procedure with a sarcasm and at least someone in DC has also noticed:
“Johnson is always a big critic of how things are being run, but he has yet to show that he understands how to get things done in Congress,” a senior Republican Senate aide said. “Just being a vocal critic may not be enough of a selling point to a caucus that wants to see real results on some very tough issues.”
Again, I'm not sure that's necessarily a deal-breaker in today's Republican party.

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