Thursday, May 5, 2011

GOP Recall Candidate Kicks Campaign Off by Telling Voters there was a Military Coup in America Last Weekend

Kim Simac -- better known as Glenn Beck's favorite childrens book author -- kicked off her campaign for state senate yesterday with a small rally, then scamper over to her blog to push the conspiracy theory that there was a militrary coup in the United States last Sunday. Here's a screen cap from her blog:

The premise of this latest conspiracy theory is that President Obama was not responsible for issuing the order to raid Osama bin Laden's compound last Sunday, that he was "over-ruled" by either military leaders or CIA director Leon Penetta (the theory's rather vague on just whom -- but the important thing is that it certainly wasn't the President!).

The implications of this happening are nothing short of profound: military leaders don't "over-rule" the command-in-chief, that's called a coup d'etat. The source that Simac points to actually uses the word "coup" in his email to some dubious web site no one's ever heard of before.

Anyway, Media Matters has the definition of Mutiny and Sedition from the U.S. Code of Military Justice if you'd like to see for yourself. I know Kim Simac sure as hell didn't.

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