Friday, March 25, 2011

The Surgery that Saved Ron Johnson's Daughter's Life was Probably Developed in Socialist Hellhole that doesn't Speak the King's English

From Wonkroom:
America has certainly had its share of medical breakthroughs, but the procedure Johnson’s daughter received may not have been developed in the United States but rather in Brazil or France — nations that now benefit from some form of universal coverage.
According to CAP Senior Fellow (and resident biochemist) Dr. Lesley Russell, it is most likely that the surgery Carey had was first performed and reported in Brazil in 1975, where doctors described their version of the procedure as “the first successful report of total correction of transposition of the great vessels at the arterial level.” Alternatively, Johnson’s daughter may have had what’s known as The LeCompte procedure, which was developed in France in 1981.
OK, so Johnson goes national with the story of his daughter's surgery on Wednesday and two days later a little fact-checking turns out that one of the central origin myths of his campaign turns out to be dubious. Last year, however, the same story went unchallenged in the state of Wisconsin for six months. I know we don't have tthink tanks that can tackle the issues like CAP (unless you're in the mood to do the bidding of the Bradley Foundation), but couldn't someone have discovered this bit of information with a simple phone call to, say UW Hospital or the Mayo Clinic or something?

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