Thursday, March 10, 2011

Read Sen. Randy Hopper's Desperate Cry for Help Money, Coming to a Mail Box Near You Soon!

Got this in the mail today. Someone sounds scared:

Hello My Friend,

Last November, you and I witnessed a historic election will not forget. All across the country, voters elected leaders who share our principles of fiscal responsibility and economic freedom.

In Wisconsin, our newly-elected governor and newly-elected majority in the legislature immediately went to work on the issues you elected us to do. Governor Walker called the legislature into a Special Session, and I am proud to say we have already enacted a number of bills to kick-start job creation and economic development in Wisconsin.

But now, more than ever before, I need your help!
Governor Walker recently introduced a budget repair bill to help Wisconsin climb out from the massive budget deficit we face. In order to address our problem, Governor Walker proposed that government employees pay a modest amount of their pension and health insurance costs -- something individuals in the private sector began doing long ago.

But with these bold new measures, comes a battle.

As you have seen, this is not sitting well with the leaders of those government employee unions who are desperately trying to undo last November's election. First, they tried to bully and intimidate me into abandoning my principles. When that didn't work, the minority party in the senate fled the state in an attempt to procedurally block any ability to pass the bill. Now they have filed a RECALL against me and seven of my colleagues. Democrats are amassing a huge war chest to go after those of us who have the courage of our convictions. They are already gathering signatures.

I am asking for your support so I can fight back. Please contribute $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or even $25. Please know that any and all contributions are very much needed so I can promote our message of fiscal conservatism.

Government employee union representatives and their members have come out in full force against Governor Walker's proposal. The protests are daily, and the political unrest is escalating. Now they are threatening me with this RECALL for standing firm to my beliefs of smaller government, less taxes and creating jobs in the public sector.

But you and other voters spoke loud and clear in November. You gave us a mandate to change the way government operates in Wisconsin. For too long we have ignored the real problems of our fiscal challenges, and the time to fix them has come. But change is HARD, and the opposition is FIERCE.

I have always said it is more important to do this job than keep it. But I will not lie down. I will keep fighting for what we believe. I know you will join me in this fight.

I look forward to and appreciate your support.



Randy Hopper

P.S. - Our fiscal conservative principles are under attack and I need you help. Please also consider contributing online at XXXXXXXXXXXX or by mailing in the enclosed card today!
This looks like the kind of fund-raising appeal written by some consultant who will collect 30% of whatever comes in; so if you're in a giving mood, why not see just how strong Hopper's convictions really are by dropping some coins in this bucket?

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